Graham Carr



a) Parastatal

Over the years Graham Carr has audited a large number of parastatal and government subvented organizations including those in the following sectors:

  • Energy,
  • Education (Universities and College institutions),
  • Examinations,
  • Water,
  • Housing,
  • Financial,
  • Investment,
  • Construction,
  • Transport and
  • Agriculture Sectors.
  • b) Government

Graham Carr has experience in auditing of Government ministries, departments and projects. We have been in the following Ministries under three categories:

1. General Administration

  • Justice and Constitutional Affairs
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Lands, Housing and Urban Development
  • National Defence
  • Internal Affairs and Public Security
  • Development Planning and Cooperation
  • Finance

2. Economic Services

  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Transport and Public Infrastructure
  • Industry and Trade
  • Labour
  • Natural Resources, Energy and Environment

3. Social and Community Services

  • Education, Science and Technology
  • Health
  • Youth Development and Sports
  • Persons with Disabilities and the Elderly
  • Tourism, Wildlife and Culture
  • Irrigation and Water Development
  • Information and Civic Education
  • Local Government and Rural Development
  • Gender, Child Development and Community Development

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