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Grahamcarr is a member of Nexia International a leading, global network of independent accounting and consulting firms.

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Graham Carr sets the foremost priority on its receptivity to client’s requirements and regards its client’s needs as paramount.  Graham Carr’s aim is to further the welfare of its clients by the identification of areas where improvements are possible and to stand ready to assist clients achieve these improvements wherever beneficial services can be offered.

Our Promise

Graham Carr is a member of Nexia International, a worldwide network of independent accounting firms and is a full participant in the development and activities of ICAM and ACCA. The professional standards and ethics we use are developed and linked to IFAC.

Our Services

Graham Carr recognises that each client is unique and therefore each assignment must be tailored to maximise its value.  The foundations of the approach are a thorough understanding of the client and of its operating environment and a keen awareness of the client’s specific requirements, which lead to identification of services that are responsive to those requirements.


Member firms across the world can provide expert, custom-made solutions focused on maximising profitability, value and growth.


Grahamcarr  provides a range of audit and assurance services designed to identify, manage and respond to all types of risk


In a world of increasing tax complexity, it is easy to pay too much tax, execute tax filings incorrectly or miss tax benefits and opportunities when undertaking transactions.



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